Steven Page


The tour so far... in numbers!

The shows

Shows so far - 9

Shows still to come - 13

Standing ovations - 9

Number of times I've forgotten to give my in-ear pack back to Paul at the end of a show - 9

Number of times Steven has yelled "JEEEEESUS!" on stage - 3

Number of times Craig has lost it laughing about "JEEEEESUS!" - 3

Number of dartboards at the Tamworth Abbott Hall - 9

Number of chords in the feel-good strum - it doesn't matter, it feels good

Number of times Steven has sang Lionel Ritchie songs on stage - it doesn't matter, it feels good

Number of times "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" has been sung on stage - 1. And it felt good.

Number of fans who have followed up on my soliciting of Kevin as a masseuse - 2. They wanted to feel good.

Number of times I've thought to myself "this is the best moment ever" as the final chords of Brian Wilson ring out - 9. SO GOOD!

Credit: Emily Plunkett, Canadian Beats

Food and drink

Number of steamies I tried in Montreal - A devastating 0.

Number of root beers I tried in an A&W in Napanee : Number of root beers I'll be having again in my life - 1 : 0

Number of boxes of 'Supreme crème à l'érable' maple cookies consumed on the van - 3

Number of bagels Craig ate backstage in Montreal - around 14. (He says 9. But it was closer to 14).