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Out on the Danforth

Wow, Toronto - where to start?

Credit: @BerdzEyeView

What an amazing show at the Danforth Music Hall last night. The show had a bit of everything - the Trio were joined by the charming chaps of Odds and a fantastic horn section to boot. We're calling it the 'Triage'.

There were hijinks, high kicks, new songs, old songs, very old songs and some exquisite attire on show, particularly from saxophonist Gene Hardy. Kevin let me borrow his shirt so I could fit the colour scheme. Shirts, full body massages - is there any end to his generosity?

It really was a triumphant hometown show - one that everyone felt proud to be a part of. I hear that Canadian crowds can sometimes take a little more persuasion to get up on their feet and dance, but by the end of last night's set there was no such hesitancy. What a special sight to behold, so many fans grinning from ear to ear having been rocked, rolled and thoroughly entertained for over two hours.

The shows in Victoria and Vancouver at the end of the month also include these fine gents in a full band format, so a wise person would get in quick and grab tickets...

That's a lot of people on stage... Credit: @BerdzEyeView

On a personal note, I saw a raccoon for the first time. This may not appear significant but we don't get raccoons back home, something to do with Brexit I think.

Pat (Odds drummer) asked me to get a message to the sound desk, so I was in a hurry running through the alley at the side of the venue when I was confronted by the thing. My initial thought was "Jesus Christ that's a big cat". After narrowly avoiding a scrap (which I undoubtedly would've lost), I got to the desk and there was a guy there watching hockey.

It was probably the most Canadian five minutes of my life.

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1 Comment

Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson
May 08, 2019

What a perfect day and experience from start to finish from the VIP soundcheck to the totally KICK ASS performance from Steve (as always). I was so pumped to hear Humor of the Situation and WOW Looking for the Light with the full band and horns brilliant live! You could feel the energy in the Danforth throughout. Totally satisfied.


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