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Next Live From Home Concert - Saturday May 2, 5pm ET ON SALE NOW!

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Last week’s Steven Page Live From Home concert was such a smashing success that all 1000 tickets were sold out before the show started - thank you to everyone who spent their Saturday afternoon with me - it was really great to see you all in your living rooms, kitchens and backyards singing along. So… let’s do it again next Saturday! 

I polled folks on social media about timing, and moving it an hour later to 5pm ET/2pm PT/10pm GMT won out by a hair, so we’ll try that time slot this week to see how it fits. I’ll be back in the basement playing all your requests once again (it was super fun to relearn some of those deep cuts and watching your reactions on Zoom was a real lift for my spirits as well). 

I already have a list going of 48 songs that people have requested but keep ‘em coming on my social media channels because I’ll end up weighting the most-requested ones a little more heavily.  Unless they’re just too hard and require another week of rehearsal! 

I know there were some people who didn’t realize that the tickets were limited and ended up getting shut out, so be advised that there are 950 tickets for sale. If you’re able to join us on Saturday, try to get your ticket early in the week.  I honestly had no idea how many we sold and was blown away by the response, so thank you all again. This very well might end up becoming a regular event if you folks keep turning up!

Note: this week, you’ll need to enter the Meeting ID and password in order to get into the meeting!

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