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For the last few weeks, I’ve been here at the Stratford Festival, in rehearsals for Here’s What It Takes, the musical I wrote with Daniel MacIvor, directed by Donna Feore with an absolutely incredible and inspiring cast and group of creative collaborators. I’ve been working on this thing for nearly seven years, and going to work every day with such great team has been the fulfillment of a dream come true. Now, like so many other out there in so many different disciplines, we’re in a holding pattern, waiting to find out if/when we can rehearse again and if/when our season will actually start. Uncertainty is intense. All the demons very quickly start to peer around the corner: Anxiety, Depression, Dread, Staring Into The Fridge, Jumping Back 10 Seconds to Catch That Bit Of Dialogue I Missed For The Fifth Time on some not-great Netflix series. So I made myself write something. As one of my sons just said to me “best thing to do at this time is to create. It’s the only thing we really have control over at this moment.” Take care of yourselves, everyone. I’m going to take a nap.

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Everybody in the house next door

Everybody on the ocean floor

Everybody in the grocery store says OH

Everybody says they’re baking bread

Everybody feel the creeping dread

Everybody’s going back to bed like me

I’m here to stay

Everybody taking online courses

Everybody with their Tiny horses

Everybody, due to unseen forces OH

Everybody with the broken dreams

Everybody on the big sport teams

Everybody with the fake news memes in isolation


Everybody with an empty fridge

Everybody on the Brooklyn Bridge

Everybody with the privilege sing OH

Everybody with a lonely heart

Everybody sharing graphs and charts

Everybody saying wherefore art thou


Everybody who just lost their gig

Everybody who has starred in Big

Everybody gonna flip their wig like me

I’m going crazy

Everybody with their cable cut

Everybody in the Pizza Hut

Everybody is together but in isolation


I could take the easy route and say this is the way we’ve always been

Spend a couple hours down the rabbit hole and you’ll know what I mean

Everybody with their nice clean tone

Everybody with their filthy phone

Everybody’s staying home alone like me

I’m here to say that

Everybody’s gonna make some stuff

Everybody’s gonna say “enough”

Everybody’s gonna call their bluff in isolation


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