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Instructions for participating in "A New Shore" video to be aired on Live From Home

Hello LFHers!

As I’ve mentioned a few times in recent weeks, I would love your help adding another layer to “A New Shore” at an upcoming Live From Home show. I’ve seen all of your “Land Ho”s in the chat and it’s time to take them to the next level. Additionally, those of you that play instruments can join everyone’s favourite texter, Craig Northey for a ripping solo!

The following are the instructions you need to prepare your video. If you participated in “Chorus Girl”, they will be familiar, but please take a quick read one more time, as there are a few differences and additional directions. I’m told that you did a great job following instructions last time, so I am optimistic we’ll get some great submissions again.

If you have any questions after reading, you can email


There are two parts of “A New Shore” that you can join me on. The first is the “Land Ho” outro, just like with “Chorus Girl”. The second is the solo right before the final chorus.

As with “Chorus Girl”, to participate, you will record a video of yourself doing your part(s) that we will assemble with all the others into one performance at our end.


  1. For those of you who play an instrument, I have charted instrumental parts for both the solo and the outro.

  2. For those of you who don’t play an instrument, you can sing one of the outro lines, and if you like, whistle the whistling part I’ve prepared for the solo.

  3. And if you don’t feel comfortable singing and don’t play an instrument, don’t be shy - you can still record a video “lip-syncing” along so we can have as many fan faces as possible!


At minimum, you will need a camera that records video. It could be your cell phone, or tablet, or a digital camera that shoots video, or even a laptop camera if you can record a video on it. If you want to sing, it should also record audio. Please shoot in landscape mode (that means wide horizontally like a movie/TV, not with a vertical phone)

You will also need a second device that can play the guide track that you can follow along with. There are guide tracks below to make sure everyone is singing the song at the same time and in the same key. You will need to be able to hear/watch the guide track to sing or lip-sync along to. Unless your device can playback while also recording, these will need to be two separate devices.

You could record on your phone and watch on your tablet/laptop; or record on your camera while watching on your phone, etc.

If at all possible, listen to the guide track via headphones so the sound of the guide doesn’t get picked up on the recording. It would also be ideal if you can find a quiet place to record so the track will not have too much noise. Note: If you are lip-syncing, don’t worry about either of these.

Optional: If you have a more high-quality microphone/recording setup to record your audio separately from your video, feel free to do so and send in separate audio tracks.


Tempo: 138 BPM | Key: G major

  1. After you’ve read these instructions, please watch the brief instructional video here

  2. Decide what you are going to record – Note: Please record vocals and instruments separately. Also, the instrumental parts are broken into three segments (solo, post-chorus and outro) to be recorded separately. You’ll find the guide tracks and sheet music here. If anyone needs mp3 guide tracks for any of these or anything else, reach out to the email address and we’ll get you what you need:

    1. Main vocalSheet music | Guide video – This is the main vocal I start the outro with and the easier line to follow

    2. Craig’s vocalSheet music | Guide video – This is Craig’s vocal part. If you are a bit more adventurous, you can give this line a shot

    3. Whistling soloSheet music | Guide video – This is the first half of the solo for whistling

    4. C Instrument partsSheet music | Guide video – This is the second half of the solo, the post-chorus and the outro for C instruments (such as guitar, piano, violin, flute, etc.)

    5. B♭ Instrument partsSheet music | Guide video – This is the second half of the solo, the post-chorus and the outro for B♭ instruments (such as trumpet, clarinet, soprano/tenor sax, etc.).

Note: For the instrument sheet music, solos start at bar 53/57 – post-chorus starts at bar 71 – Outro parts start at bar 101

  1. Find a quiet space with a background you like. Get the guide video ready to play through your headphones, and get your camera and any recording equipment ready to record.

  2. Watch the guide video(s) through at least once and practice and make sure you know the part you are planning to record.

  3. Turn on your camera (landscape mode please).

  4. Run the relevant guide video. Make sure to “slate” in (clap at Allan’s count-in and same your name afterwards) and record your part. For instrumentals, the guide videos have all three parts together, but would be best to record three separate videos since we need them split anyway, and you won’t have to do all three perfectly in one take.

  5. Once you have completed your video(s), you will need to send them in. Unfortunately, videos will usually be too large for email. The best way to send your video is by an online fileshare service. Examples include Dropbox or Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive (if you have them). Other free options that don’t require you to even create an account (I don’t think) include and

  6. Once you have uploaded the file, you will need to send us a link or share a link to


We are hoping to have this done relatively soon, so if you can get recording as soon as possible and please submit your videos by May 3, 2021.

If you have any questions, please email – and if you have any suggestions on things we could improve to make this easier or better for you to record, feel free to let us know.

That’s it! Have fun!

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