Two Albums!

I want to let you know about two albums I have coming out this year: The first one, “A Singer Must Die,” is a collaboration with the Toronto chamber group Art of Time Ensemble.  We performed a concert in June of 2008 in which we had some of my favourite songs of all time re-arranged for piano, voice, strings, guitar and saxophone.  I chose songs from a wide range of artists, from The Mountain Goats to Leonard Cohen, Elvis Costello, Radiohead and Barenaked Ladies.  The show was a huge success, as was its subsequent airing on CBC Radio, so we decided to head into the studio and make a document for us to remember these performances by.  “A Singer Must Die”  was just released by Pheromone Recordings in Canada on February 16th.  Order now and order often!

The other album is my first proper post-BNL solo album. As yet untitled. All original songs, back in the pop world again, and damn I’m proud of it.  The influences are all over the map, as they always have been, and here you’ll get tastes of everything from power-pop to big-band jazz to disco, electropop and folk.  We’re aiming (the Royal We, that is) to have it out before the summer starts (this may be a bit optimistic), and I’ll let you know once we have a date nailed down.  And, yes, once that’s set, I’ll definitely be touring this record wherever they’ll have me.  I’m already pestering my management and booking agents to start getting gigs set up in the US, Canada and Europe for this summer.  Where to find out more as dates are announced? Why, at of course!