Well, day one of the new frontier was exhausting. Lots of media asking about the past, the future, the reasons. Well-wishers, dirt-diggers, and everyone in between wanted to know the story. I really shouldn’t be amazed that this is as big a story as it is (especially in Canada, it seems), but am glad and proud of the fact that people care. I’m really proud of the 20 years I spent with BNL, and it’s always heartening to hear how it has affected so many people. To the fans who are really, truly grieving right now – it’s ok to be sad. This is a big deal for us, and we know there was a kind of magic between us onstage. But look at it as a twofer. You’ll get their music and mine. Double your pleasure. Double the magic. Like Queen said, “It’s a kind of magic.” Or as Pilot said, “Oh oh oh it’s magic.” Or as Doug Henning said, “Ta Daa!!”

Can you tell I’m tired?
I’ll be on Mix98.5 in Boston at 8:15 tomorrow, WCLZ in Portland, ME at 8:45, and then Friday morning I’ll be doing Q on CBC Radio 1. I can guess that there will be more in between.