Guardian of Beauty

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of progress.  A carousel of progress, like the free and quaintly outdated ride at Disney World.  Except not free and only barely outdated.

First of all, A Singer Must Die was released last week.  Most reviewers liked it; some did not.  Some took the opportunity to take potshots, and others listened and got it.  It’s not for everyone, I’ll admit, but that’s the way to make music.  As Leonard Cohen said in the title track, “I thank you for doing your duty, you keepers of truth, you guardians of beauty.”  They’re just doing their jobs, and frankly, I’d rather confuse people than be ordinary.  I have to make it for myself, and have faith that some others will like it or feel it too.  I don’t expect everyone to like everything I do.  In fact, there are some projects I enjoy more than others.  This one, with the Art of Time Ensemble, has been really rewarding, challenging and fun. Pick up a copy at your local purveyor of music, if you live in Canada (as we’ve not yet secured a record deal for this record internationally yet.  Strange – is there really such a small market for avant-garde jazz/pop?  Rhetorical question).  Otherwise, head on over to my new WEBSITE.

Yes, that’s right, is no longer just a placeholder on blogger.  It’s a real, live, breathing website with REGULARLY UPDATED INFORMATION!  Astonishing, no?  If you’re reading this on the site, then welcome.  If not, then get thine ass over there now.  I want to thank Olly Moss for doing such a great design for me, as well as the fine folks at Chimpanzee for turning it into something clickable, and most of all to the Queen of all things, Morgan, for coordinating the whole thing.  You guys rule.

The Art of Time tour starts Wednesday, and tickets are still available.  I highly recommend checking out these shows if you can.  I will be at all of them.  We’re only tooling around Ontario for this run, but when my own album comes out later this year, I’ll be travelling all over.  But don’t let that stop you from coming out now!  They will be completely different kinds of shows; the only thing in common they will have is pure awesomeness.

And speaking of which, I spent last week up at my farm rehearsing and recording with my new band (still searching for a band name: Steven Page and the Brokenhearted Many? Steven Page and the Openhearted Few?).  We recorded some acoustic versions of stuff that will be on the new album (bonus tracks? Who knows), plus the final two album tracks, which means THE ALBUM IS DONE!